Rebecca Elizabeth Blow (1982):
Rebecca is a London based artist working predominately in the fields of painting and drawing.
The work begins from life with quick sketches and expressive linear drawings. Then back at the studio she develops the drawings, creating compositions using various elements of the drawn line. The paintings are essentially studies about the drawings, rather then realistic portraits of the subject.
From the initial sketches to the final pieces Rebecca aims to create a dialogue using elements such as line, texture, shape and colour.
Her expressive use of paint and vibrant yet subtle colours give her pieces a sense of depth and space beyond the canvas, yet her graphic mark making style serves to remind the viewer of the materiality of the two dimensional canvas.
After completing her Masters at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2009 she is currently working from Coldharbour Studios, London.

Feature in Hidden Treaseures Yearbook- 2014


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